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“My patient, Amy, came in for an overall smile enhancement, so we decided that porcelain veneers was the best option to give her a white, bright and healthy looking smile. Not only are porcelain veneers quick, easy and produce natural-looking results, but they are durable and a great long-lasting solution. ” ~ Dr. Tran

Amy's Story
Before Invisalign JulianJulian after Invisalign

“I finished this case with Invisalign® then a composite veneer and bonding to mask the gray tooth and close the space. My patient loves his new smile and I met MY personal deadline of finishing before he got married. He proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks after I finished. It’s not all about the teeth. It’s about the stories that we create with the smile!” ~ Dr. Tran

Julian's Story
Alexis BeforeAlexis After

“My 20 year old patient, Alexis, came in cause she fell walking to class and chipped her tooth. She went to another dentist that recommended a crown. We decided on a more conservative restoration, just doing a composite veneer. She has a lifetime to get a crown. If we can delay it as soon as possible that is the best thing for her!”

Alexis' Story

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