Use your dental insurance benefits before it's too late

School is just starting up again, which means the year is quickly coming to a close! As the days grow shorter, so does the time you have to use your dental insurance benefits before the new year starts and they expire. Life tends to get busy around this time of the year, so our patients have asked us to remind them to schedule an appointment before the year ends. While life can get extremely busy for the next few months, don’t put off your oral health care!

Did you know?

  • Your dental insurance policy allows for a certain dollar amount of coverage to be provided each year.
  • If your maximum coverage benefit is not used during the year, you lose those benefits, because unused coverage does not carry over to the next year.

We know how busy families are today, but by coming in for a regular dental cleaning/exam or by having recommended treatment done, you may avoid future complications that could cause you to exceed future dental benefits.

If you haven’t used up your insurance benefits for the year, and you have diagnosed treatment or have had only one cleaning this year, we encourage you to make an appointment before the end of the year. Contact us so we can help you plan for your future dental needs.

If you are uncertain about the status of your dental benefits, we will be happy to contact your carrier on your behalf. We hope you find this reminder helpful.

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May you experience continuing, good dental health.

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