Invisalign® is a system of using clear aligners to move teeth and correct the bite.  Sometimes Invisalign® is referred to as “clear braces.”  Many patients can become confused between, traditional braces and Invisalign®, but to make things simple, Invisalign® is just another tool to move teeth and improve the alignment of the bite without the wires and brackets.

The bite has become one of the most important things to help maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.  With a properly aligned bite, patients are able to function properly, including eating and chewing, have less muscle tension and chronic headaches and of course be able to smile more confidently.

Invisalign® is a system of aligners that you wear anywhere from one to two weeks at a time.  It has made it easier for us to help you obtain the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted.  If it sounds right for you, call our office at 703-273-4505 for a free consultation appointment now!

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