Oral Cancer Screening

Our patient’s oral health is our top priority. When you come in for your check up and exam, it is not just about teeth! Every exam in our office includes not only an examination of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth but also a full comprehensive examination of the head and neck region.

If you have been in our office, you know that we strive to be up-to-date on the newest technology. To aid us in our head and neck exam, we now offer a VELscope® exam.

The VELscope® enhances the way a dentist and dental hygienist can examine the oral mucosa and screen for tissue abnormalities. Earlier visualization of precancer, cancer or other disease processes leads to better treatment success, increasing survival rates and maintaining a high quality of life. The VELscope® uses a special fluorescence which allows us to see any abnormal cells which may have formed under the surface not visible to the naked eye.

Please ask us about this exam the next time you are in!

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